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User interface.

Program menu.

DirectoryWatcher feature. (video)

How make tray icon visible always. (video)

How to share tags or move files with tags?

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Release Notes ( last version is 3.15)

The latest version is 3.15

An excellent solution based on tags/keywords to provide easy access to documents, images, photos, multimedia content, and more.

TagsForAll provides all the advantages of the classical hierarchical file-system organization: You can easily navigate through tags as if they were folders. At the same time, you have all the advantages of a tag-based file system, such as fast search and a more intuitive way to organize your files workspace. Read more...

Quick start

This video demonstrates the basics of using TagsForAll:
Adding tags to files and quick navigation through tags.

User Interface

1. Despite on similar view the main window of the program can have two different modes.
This mode is navigation mode.
In this mode you can only navigate through tags, but cannot add or edit tags.

This mode is edit mode.
In this mode, you can add tags to files or edit the existing tags.

You can easily switch between these two modes, just click the button.

2. Use this field to add a new tag. Just enter the tag here and press the Enter key.

3. In this area, you can see the selected tags.

4. In this area, you can see the tags tree. There are two types of tags:

This pale tag doesn’t have any files assigned to it, so you can treat it like a folder. IMPORTANT: If you filter all tags by a “folder” tag, the filtering will be done by all its child tags. But if you assign any files to it, the filtering will only be done by the list of assigned files (and the tag’s color will change).

This is a normal tag.

5. This area is used for files. It displays the filtering results in the Navigate mode, and files with tags in the Edit mode.

Program menu

You can open a program menu if you find the TagsForAll icon in Task Bar notification area and click it right mouse button.

1. Manage tags – opens the main window in the Edit mode (for details, see the “Interface” topic).

2. Navigate – opens the main window in the Navigate mode.

3. Directory Watcher – you can add some folders to watch for. If any files are created in them, TagsForAll will save these files in the new files list, and a balloon will be displayed to inform you about the new files. If you click on the balloon, the TagsForAll main window will open with this list in the Edit mode. For example, you can add your downloads folder for watching. If any files are saved to that folder, you can easily add tags to them at once.

4. Scan directory for > Files with non-indexed tags – if you have any files with tag data saved inside them (please note that only the Pro version of TagsForAll can save tag data inside files), but these files are not present in the TagsForAll database, you can scan the folder for such files. If TagsForAll finds them, it will automatically add their tag data to its database.
This situation may happen if you connect a removable drive with tagged files that have not been indexed by TagsForAll yet, or if you move or rename some indexed files while TagsForAll is inactive (and unable to track any file system changes).

5. Scan directory for > Non-indexed files – if you want to make sure that all files in a folder have been tagged but don’t want to check each of them manually, you can scan the folder for untagged files. To exclude unwanted results, use the file extension filter.

6. Settings – you can assign a hotkey for “Fast access window” and define what to do if only one file is selected in the “Fast access window” result (by default, the file will be opened in the default application).

7. Exit – closes TagsForAll. Please note that if you move or rename any tagged files when TagsForAll is inactive, their location will not be updated in the TagsForAll database.

DirectoryWatcher feature.

If you want to track some folder (for example, “Downloads”) for new files and add tags to them, just add it to Directory Watcher. You will be informed if any files are created in that folder. For details, see the video.

How make tray icon visible always.

Since the TagsForAll tray icon provides easy access to FastTagAccess (basic feature) and the program menu, better keep it visible at all times. See the video for details.

How to share tags or move files with tags? ( Pro version )

The Pro version of TagsForAll lets you save tag data inside files.
  • You will not lose any tag data if you reinstall Windows, or even if the tag database is damaged or lost.
  • You can add tags to files on one computer, and then copy or move the tagged files to another computer using a USB flash drive (“memory stick” or “pen drive”) or an external hard drive. The tags will be automatically added to the TagsForAll database. (Please note that the USB flash drive or external hard drive must be formatted in NTFS.)
  • You can add tags to files on a removable hard drive, and then connect it to another computer and select “Scan files for tags” to add all tags to the local database.
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